Big Daddy's Upholstery


Q: Do You Repair Cigarette Burns?

A: YES. Very small burns in cloth can be repaired with a fuzz material. Larger burns in leather cloth or vinyl has to be reupholstered. This requires the seat to be removed, the cover to be taken off and the actual section to be cut out and replaced

Q: Do You Fix Convertible Tops?

A: YES. We replace all types of convertible tops, including both domestic and foreign.

Q: Do You Repair Broken Seat Frames?

A: YES. The most common repair is usually a frame that has cracked or has broken free. We straighten and weld the broken frame then reinforce it with stronger steel.

Q: Do You Replace Carpet?

A: YES. We replace carpet in any type of domestic or foreign car.

Q: Do You Repair Boats?

A: YES. We repair all types of boats including pontoons. We can repair damaged floors, total interiors including all seats and carpets. We also repair or replace canopies, mooring covers and enclosures.

Q: My headliner is falling, can you re-glue it?

A: NO. If your headliner is falling, we need to take it out and recover it with a new material. Your headliner has delaminated from the foam that is one piece, re-gluing it will only hold for a day or so. Headliner material comes as a whole, foam and material together.

Q: I need my seats in my restaurant reupholstered but we’re busy and I can’t be without them. How can you assist me?

A: We can work around your schedule, most seats can be done at location with a pattern. If we can’t make a pattern we can either use our mobile unit or pick up the seat when you’re not open and return it before start of business.

Q: What else do you do besides upholstery?

A: We can also remove most stains and odors in most cars, fix small chips in windshields and repair small holes in dashes.

Q: I've been to your shop and you’re not there.

A: We do a lot of mobile work, pickups and deliveries to auto dealerships. Please call us in advance if you’re coming by so we can make a point to be there for you.

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